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Low Touch Concept.

A potential customer will purchase a product once they get to understand what the product offers and why it will be advisable if they consume it, this requires some exchange of information between the seller and the potential customer. Depending on what information the customer needs to know to make a purchase of the product or the service, the business needs to invest in ways of passing information that is productive and cordial.

One concept will walk the customer through everything there is to know and that means there will be a considerable amount of words exchange. The the second concept focuses on selling products as fast as possible with very little personal involvement meaning no much interactions. You put your product on your website; you also drive your own traffic and sell the product without that much struggle. The founders of the concept made it work with a lot of hard work. With the concept in place you still have use of the sales team so don’t think that they are obsolete. Actually its only at the beginning of the cycle that the sales team will not be involved much.

Low touch concept does not mean that there are no people it’s just that their input will not be that much. If you have made your mind to make use of low touch websites, you need to have the following considerations to have that informed decision. Customer success with the trial will be very promising and you need to evaluate where that is with your business. It will be better if there is clear value position as the time to trial value is made shorter. You also need to be in a position to generate a large volume of needs. Any business wants to make more revenues by minimizing on the cost of production or doing business and maximizing on the returns. With the high touch model where there are salespeople involved, their costs are involved and that makes the entire process costly for the business owner.

Potential customers need to be in a position to use and accommodate the software as without that the sales process will not be there at all. However the low touch model can only work for some type of businesses but not for others because you can never replace some professionals like dentists with a software. Its ideal on the side of the cost as the software provider might be charging the use on monthly rates making it very convenient for the business operations. The business owner will not need to invest in infrastructure directly as that cost might be shouldered by the network of customers. The the system works when there is some cooperation of all factors needed, it calls for the understanding.

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